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Music Transcription

by Claude Aylestock

Welcome to my site! I offer music transcription from an audio source to print. The absolute pitch, a natural ability that I am lucky to possess, enables me to listen to music and transcribe it onto paper with high accuracy. If you need the sheet music of any piece of music, if you wish to have your original compositions transcribed to sheet music, or if you're looking for sheet music that you cannot find anywhere, I will be happy to offer you my services.

Being also a professional pianist, composer and piano teacher, I transcribe and arrange music mostly for piano, although I can transcribe for other instruments as well.

Most transcriptions are completed within a week and sometimes within two days, but more time may be needed for complex or elaborate pieces. I use the "Finale" music notation software to create the score which is then converted to PDF files (requires Adobe Reader) for a professional result. I can also produce the MIDI file at no extra cost, as well as the “xml” file which can be imported into Sibelius or Finale notation programs.

FOR A MUSIC TRANSCRIPTION REQUEST, please send the details along with an mp3 file (or link to a piece of music) at my email address:

I usually reply to your email on the same day. The cost of the transcription will vary, depending on the complexity and length of the music. The payment mode is by Paypal, but checks and money orders are accepted. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are a few customer comments:

• "Claude, I didn’t have time to print the sheets but from what I’ve seen it's super and if there was a system to give you a note for your work I would give you five stars, 100/100, 20/20 etc…in short it is perfect. Thanks again !”          
R. Soriano

• "This is awesome, u really are capable of transcribing any song from tape or CD!" CD!"
S. Otieno

• "Thank you so much, the quality of your sheets are very good and just what I'm looking for ! It’s a very accurate transcription. I'll be sure to come to you again in the near future for other pieces to transcribe".
H. Kaiser

• "Thank you so much for this sheet music !"                                                      
M. Ferdinand

• "Claude, your arrangement is beautiful. I loved the moving lines you added in the piano. You really have a good knowledge of the instrument and how to improvise for it".
L. Page

• "Bravo! I am very satisfied with your transcription"                                             
D. Poirier

• "What a kindness ! I’m really happy ! Thanks again !"                                       
C. Giguère

• "I am delighted with your work, thanks a million for this beautiful score. I’m very happy !"
Y. Brunelle

• “Exellent work!!! Thank you very much! You transcribed exactly like I play!    
N. Myslewicz
• “I am very very pleased with your transcription!!! It matches it 100%! So, if I will have something transcribed in the future I'll contact you”                
K. Brummel

• “Your transcription is really great!!”                                                                    
S. Lim

• "Thanks a lot Claude, great work, it's really like the original song ! I'm happy, the next time i'll send you more tracks for transcribing!"                       
S. Weisemann

• “Claude, this looks amazing. I can’t wait to play it and test it out! I will absolutely let you know when I have comments and impressions as soon as I get a chance. And I will most likely be in touch for some other pieces in the future. What a wonderful talent you have – thank you!”                                    
A. Hartley

• “Dear Claude, It's absolutely perfect! I really didn't expect it to be so exact, but you did a fabulous job! I'm really happy with it. You're very talented, thank you so much! I'm trying to compose some more music. If any of it actually works out I'll come to you again! Thanks again”                                                   
I. Keleti

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